Regents Park Foot Clinic
Regents Park Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic25 years providing an extensive
Chiropody / Podiatry Service

Most foot problems occur very rapidly and become debilitating if untreated.

Our Clinic offers an extensive list of treatments including the following:-

Chiropody Treatment

Lower Limit Conditions

Laser Treatment

The Clinic provides a gentle, pain free treatment for most acute or chronic foot problems using a low level laser

Types of conditions treated by laser

Whilst most heel pain is traditionally treated with Corticosteroid injections (mostly ineffective), laser is pain free, non invasive (no injections) and the patient can remain mobile and requires no time off work.

Cost of Laser Treatment

Please bear in mind each patient is individual. Soft tissue injuries vary therefore cost of treatment and number of treatments may also vary. Each treatment undertaken is discussed with you at length during your initial consultation. (Please be aware patient's taking immune suppressants such as Steroids or high levels of anti-inflammatories may find effectiveness of treatment reduced).